EIFS Installation

EIFS Installation in Cincinnati, OH

Does your building need a new Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS)? Finishing a new construction project that needs synthetic stucco installation? McCool Plaster & Drywall is your partner for EIFS in Cincinnati, Cleves, North Bend, Mack, and Addyston, OH, ready to give your commercial building the protection it needs and the façade it deserves. Our work speaks for itself and we guarantee lasting quality that will mark your building for decades to come.

What is EIFS Installation?

An EIFS installation comprises the façade of a building. It’s moisture-resistant and resilient against all types of weathering, and serves both form and function purposes. Not only does it protect the building from Mother Nature, it offers a unique aesthetic and curb appeal!

Most EIFS in Cincinnati, OH is made of synthetic stucco. It’s often used to cover old, decaying brick or exposed façade, and we be incorporated into new construction projects as the exterior finish. The material is a Class PB (polymer based) material that’s easy to work with and extremely strong after it’s cured.

The Benefits of Synthetic Stucco Installation

Why opt for a synthetic stucco installation on your building? For starters, it offers superior resilience and longevity, and can be customized to meet the aesthetic demands of your building. Here’s a look at some of the other great reasons to opt for a synthetic stucco EIFS solution:

  • Improved building energy efficiency
  • Superior durability against weathering and time
  • Impact resistant against windblown items and hail
  • Numerous design options and customizations
  • Superior moisture control system
  • Meets building fire code regulations

If you want the façade of your building to stand out and stand strong for decades to come, chat with McCool Plaster & Drywall about the additional benefits that come from installing an EIFS system.

Superior Exterior Finishes

McCool Plaster & Drywall takes pride in the exterior façade work we do, and we strive to deliver an EIFS installation that is both protective and complementary to your building. Our experienced team welcomes projects big and small, and we’re happy to provide free estimates with a scope of work. Contact us today at 513-353-9644 for more information on synthetic stucco, acoustical ceiling installation, commercial plaster repair, and more.